“Butterfly Effect” in Full Effect at Clearwater’s Fort Harrison for A Night for Scholarships

CLEARWATER, Fla.Jan. 10, 2017 – On January 7th, the Butterfly Effect of Golf held the first annual “Night for Scholarships” event in the Historic Fort Harrison, with over 200 guests in attendance. The “butterfly effect” is the idea that even small acts can build and create more significant changes, commonly represented by a butterfly flapping its wings setting particles of air in motion which eventually create hurricanes.

The presentation began with the audience rising for performer Michael Graves as he sang the National Anthem. Dylan Pires welcomed the guests to the Fort Harrison and introduced the MC, radio personality, Ebone Cruz. She introduced each of the guest speakers: Barney Morris, the President of the 100 Black Men of Tampa Bay and Lena Young Green, President of the Tampa Heights Junior Civic Association, who echoed the importance of mentoring in the lives of young people.

Dr. Bawa Jain, the Secretary General of the Millennium World Peace Summit of Religious and Spiritual Leaders, gave an impassioned speech about the innate connection that people share which makes it important to use one’s personal knowledge to mentor our youth. He talked about his own childhood and how someone helped him to become the person he is today.

“What will you do after this evening that will support mentoring initiatives such as this one?” Dr. Jain went on to ask the audience.

Mr. Robert Dooley, the founder of The Butterfly Effect of Golf, was the final speaker. He talked specifically about the “butterfly effect” and how, through golf, young people are instilled with discipline, focus and drive for excellence.

To reinforce his commitment, Mr. Dooley presented a $5,000 donation to the Hillsborough Community College Foundation which was matched by another organization for a total of $10,000. The donation will go toward college scholarships at Hillsborough Community College.

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